General Course Information

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Computer Skills (COMP) courses at Dixie State University are self-paced with the exception of CIS 2010. These courses are fully instructor supported on campus in the Udvar-Hazy Building, room 151. To begin the coursework, students should login to Canvas and complete the Orientation and the Orientation quiz. This is mandatory as it informs students what is required to pass the course. There are many advantages of self-paced courses. Students are able to complete the coursework on their own time while still having access to faculty for one-on-one instruction. Students should set aside up to three hours per week per credit hour of the course to work on completing the course assignments. There are several online systems used to facilitate CIS and COMP classes. Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) currently used, and SimNet and SAM software are used to further assist student’s learning experience. Canvas contains course information including the syllabus, section outlines, deadline dates, and basic course information; other communication materials are posted in Canvas as the course might require. SimNet and SAM have interactive tutorials, projects and testing that provides immediate feedback of a student’s progress. SimNet and SAM also facilitates the testing and grading process for faculty.